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Things to consider before buying gym machines

Determine your target market

Before making a decision on what types of machines to buy, you need to consider your target market.

For instance, if you’re designing a gym for a residential building, you need to invest in mainly cardio machines. The same idea applies if you are designing a hotel gym.

On the other hand if your target is mainly young men, or bodybuilder types you need to stock up on more strength machines and free weights than cardio.

Return of Investment

Gym machines can be very expensive, so it is necessary to consider your ROI, or return of investment.

Remanufactured machines have a longer warranty than brand new machines and are more cost-efficient. For instance, as the cardio machines are almost half the price of brand-new-machines, you will see returns at double the speed.


Make sure to consider your maintenance costs. Whether the machines are brand new, refurbished, or remanufactured you need to have your machines lightly serviced every month.

Every year you need to have a proper inspection to ensure optimum functioning.


How do you envision your gym looking? Open and airy? Simple? Colorful?

We can help! You can customize our remanufactured machines- choose the color, place the logo on to the machine, and even add your logo on the console (of certain machines), to give your gym that extra-something.

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