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Gym Equipment Maintenance, Service and Repair


Regularly maintenance ensures that your gym equipment is always functioning at 100%, offering your customers the whole variety of equipment available at your gym. Irma Fitness follows manufacturer guidelines on maintenance and servicing to prepare your gym equipment for high level usage.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We offer a renewable Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) packages designed to provide ongoing parts and labour coverage for your gym equipment, during or after your warranty is expired.


We know how critical your equipment’s up-time is for you and your exercisers. Should a service concern arise, our AMC packages deliver a fast, skilled response by our team of experience factory trained technicians so your equipment is back to full speed quickly. The service contracts also include complimentary, regular Preventative Maintenance service to help ensure your equipment is performing in top condition.

Having a Maintenance Contract in place ensures a fixed cost for service, which means no surprise expenses should your equipment need service. By having your choice of payment options, you can manage your budget more effectively throughout the year.

Gym equipment service

Whilst regular cleaning and preventative maintenance is always advisable, much like a car, professional servicing is periodically required for commercial equipment. Your gym’s equipment goes through sustained and often intensive use and therefore regular professional checks will generally prolong the lifespan of the product.  Additionally, servicing will help to ensure that you remain compliant with regulatory safety requirements.
Many fitness clubs choose to service all of their equipment at once, either using a manufacturer’s engineers or a third party company.  Other clubs spread the cost by servicing particular machines at particular times.


Again, much like a car, maintenance and service will prolong the life of your equipment and will often avert repairs.  However, whilst most fitness equipment manufacturers these days produce equipment which is generally of a good standard, repairs to the occasional machine are inevitable over the lifetime of the products.  Years of members pounding on a particular treadmill, for example, could eventually result in a need for its repair. 
Rather than hope equipment will never require any repairs, it is sound business planning to assume that some machines will require fixes at some point, and to therefore make provision for this.  Clubs often notice an acute problem when one or more of their most popular machines is broken and therefore establishing a relationship and/or agreement with a gym equipment service provider in advance usually ensures the problem is fixed quickly and cost efficiently.

Irma service support

Irma Fitness offers a full range of gym equipment service packages, on all brands of gym equipment. Our engineers are technically qualified and fully trained on a comprehensive range of products. 
Qualified, industry-experienced customer care and technical support staff are another integral part of our after-sales service, providing remote support to our field service team as well as our customers.

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